Going Frameless

Frameless, semi-frameless, framed, Heavy glass, seamless, are you confused yet? Your not alone.
At Dallas Bath and Glass I hear these terms everyday when I visit Customers and contractors when they are shopping for shower Glass enclosure options.
If your builder provided shower glass chances are its 3/16th inch glass and framed. Sometimes they will provide a semi-frameless enclosure
and that is simply removing some of the metal frame for support. This is where I see many dangerous installations where customers have experienced glass breaking. What a scary thought, option times like this your barefooted, not clothed and alone. Glass is everywhere.
Framed shower we provide are 3/16 glass that is completely framed.
Semi-Frameless is 1/4″ Glass allowing where as the door is not framed, has thru glass handle, and often we can eliminate corner where glass meets. This will allow safe installation and many years of safe use of your shower.
The term Heavy, Frameless actually mean the same thing, however this should only be 3/8″ to 1/2″ thick glass. Do not allow anyone to install
1/4″ frameless shower glass including your builder, it is dangerous.
example of frameless, most common we see today.

Corner shower frameless glass

Corner shower frameless glass

No two showers are the same so a custom measure to provide tight fit to the fraction of inch is required.
So going frameless is term to remove the old framed, or semi-frameless shower to provide cleaner look, easier to clean, maintain, taller glass opening up the shower to enhance the new Tile work of your shower.
At Dallas Bath and Glass we still provide Free in home estimates, install, and service all our products. Contact us today
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Below is sample of Semi-frameless shower glass enclosure 1/4″ glass, notice the thru glass handle and no frame around the door except the hinges.

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