Shield Your Shower with
Nano Glass Protection Shower Glass Coating

Shower and Bathroom Glass with Nano Glass Protection logo
with and without Nano with text

Protect your new shower glass, window glass, and other glass surfaces from damaging hard water stains and calcium build-up with the Nano Glass Coating line of proven products.

Nano Glass Protection can be applied by professional installers at Dallas Bath and Glass. This will provide an ultra-thin layer of security to protect against hard water deposits, prevent most scratching, and make surfaces resistant to soap buildup and grime. Hard water stains and calcium deposits slide right off surfaces protected by Nano Glass Protection. No more harsh or abrasive chemical cleaners are needed.

At Dallas Bath and Glass, we offer the best shower glass coating on the market with Nano Glass Protection! 

We also offer DIY kit that has everything you need to restore and coat your new or current shower glass. This kit will help you easily clean and maintain your shower glass.

Nano Glass Protection can be applied to shower and bathroom glass, windows, and auto and boat windshields. You will be impressed that protected surfaces will be significantly easier to clean and cut maintenance time.

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